Palletizing Robots

GG Electronics makes projects for palletizing by industrial and collaborative robots from the world’s leading manufacturers such as:

Fanuc, Kuka, ABB, Yaskawa, Universal Robots, Hanwha, Doosan.

Palletizing operation is relatively simple for a robot, but not for an human. palletizing can be done in light and simple boxes and can be done in parts that are too heavy for an human, or even for hazardous materials.

The robot can handle surfaces up to 2 tons at a time, with great speed and accuracy. And the collaborative robots in these days can handle weights of up to 15 kg, which saves  time and money.

Today, in the era of technology, it is possible to reach a comprehensive system for the operation of the broadband network at prices lower than expected, in combination with the most advanced robots in the world.

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