Universal Robots

Universal Robots in Israel, gives to manufacturers access to all the benefits of advanced robotic automation, without the extra costs associated with traditional robots: difficult programming, long set-up, and shielded work cells. This makes automation affordable even for small-batch production runs and mixed product assembly.

Universal Robots makes robot technology available to all. Universal Robots developed a highly specialized flexible, low-cost robot arm that can be used in almost any industry, where traditional robots are too large, expensive, noisy or inflexible. We base our solutions on your company’s specific challenges and with our great technological expertise we can streamline your production processes through the automation of monotonous tasks.

The Universal Robotics arm is capable of lifting a total weight of up to 10 kg and has an arm up to 1300 mm. The 6-axis arm has a variety of simple programming options for the common user, even without prior knowledge of robotics.

Our company develop an automation projects in factories based on robotic arms of Universal Robotics.


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